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Trudy ready for action

View from Pit Lane – Edition 31

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Test day – Le Vigeant 11 April 2022 Apart from the routine preparations, all we had to do on Trudy was the fork oil seals, which were easier to replace than expected. We did experience a little difficulty compressing the springs sufficiently to gain access to the dismantling nuts, but Rik quickly worked something out. […]

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Trudies New Livery

View from Pit Lane – Edition 30

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Le Vigeant 23/24/25 March 2022 Finished Trudy’s prep with two days to spare, so not quite last minute. That gave me a half-day to play with ‘The Truck’. The hold up with the bike was once again the race ignition system. Somehow I’d been sent the wrong rotor forcing us to revert to the standard […]

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Trudie being prepped for the new season

View from Pit Lane – Edition 29

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Update 16th March 2022 These last three months have flown by, leaving us within a blink of an eye before pre-season testing. Six days to be precise and, true to form, the prep is going down to the wire. I took delivery, at Cigma Racing HQ, of the new fairing set and refreshed tuned engine […]

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