Junior Supersport Round 1 Report

Ready to go for Round 1

The team turned up early to Silverstone for Round 1 of the British Junior Supersport on the National Circuit.

Thursday was a test day and as Nathan-Ellis has had limited time on the bike, it seemed like a good idea to make the most of it. The weather, unfortunately, did not agree. Lots of rain made the first session a very different test, but still valuable to learn the track and get a wet setup working. The track slowly dried throughout the rest of the day and the lap times steadily improved too.

Friday morning bought another test and still improving times, but only for 10 laps as the tyres would need to be kept in good condition for the race. Next up was qualifying and Nathan-Ellis managed to bring it in for a 23rd place start for Race 1.

Nathan-Ellis needed a good start to improve on his grid slot, and he got one, jumping up 5 places by the end of lap 1. The battles were close in the middle of the pack and places were swapped around throughout the race. A final push meant that Nathan-Ellis finished Race 1 in 19th place.

“I had a good start and loads of battles and finished 19th,” Nathan-Ellis said. “My times put me on the grid for Race 2 at 28th because the racing slowed me down.”

Nathan-Ellis got another great start for Race 2, going from 28th to 18th by the end of lap 1. Another fast and close race followed with Nathan-Ellis steadily climbing through the field to finish the race in an incredible 11th place. The first points of the season are safely in the bag!

“I had some amazing battles with some very talented riders. I enjoyed every minute of the weekend and would like to thank Cigma Racing and everyone that’s helped me this weekend as I learned so much, but I still have a lot more to learn!”

“Thanks again to everyone at Cigma Racing, my family and friends, and for all the good luck wishes received. Can’t wait for the next round at Donington and to continue to learn with the Cigma team.”

Considering that Nathan-Ellis has so far ridden the new bike for a grand total of 3 hours and 1 minute, we can’t wait to see what he can do when he really gets to grips with it.

British Junior Supersport Championship Standings after Round 1

1Lewis JONES (Kawasaki)44
2Finn SMART-WEEDEN (Kawasaki)43
3Jacob STEPHENSON (Kawasaki)37
4Jack KIRSCH (Kawasaki)36
5Kalvin KELLY (Kawasaki)34
6Lennon DOCHERTY (Kawasaki)30
7Calum BEACH (Kawasaki)30
8Jack SMITH (Kawasaki)16
9Adam BROWN (Kawasaki)16
10Joe ELLIS (Kawasaki)13
11Maximus HARDY (Kawasaki)7
12Rossi DOBSON (Kawasaki)7
13Chloe JONES (Kawasaki)7
14Nathan-Ellis WARD (Kawasaki)5
15Abbz THOMAS (Kawasaki)4
16Jamie HANKS-ELLIOTT (Kawasaki)3


PositionNumberRiderTimeMPHBest Lap
167Jacob STEPHENSON16:25.35089.91:04.773
23Lewis JONES16:25.49489.881:04.892
390Kalvin KELLY16:25.61889.871:04.663
474Finn SMART-WEEDEN16:25.63689.871:04.701
57Jack KIRSCH16:25.77889.861:04.759
627Calum BEACH16:25.97589.841:04.600
760Lennon DOCHERTY16:26.43289.81:04.928
823Joe ELLIS16:26.48089.791:04.841
933Adam BROWN16:26.57289.791:04.774
1044Jack SMITH16:26.85889.761:04.748
1166Rossi DOBSON16:26.93489.751:05.123
1288Abbz THOMAS16:27.48289.71:04.992
1315Chloe JONES16:28.06289.651:05.065
1416Jamie HANKS-ELLIOTT16:33.98089.121:05.578
1571Maximus HARDY16:38.05288.751:05.580
1632Lewis SMART16:43.93688.231:06.057
1772Samuel MUNSON16:44.19488.211:06.280
1895Greg MARSHALL16:44.28388.21:06.231
1931Nathan-Ellis WARD16:44.61788.171:06.441
2075Aaron LILLY16:44.68988.171:06.281
2161Freddy OAKLEY16:44.88988.151:06.220
2239Aaron MONK16:45.01988.141:05.997
236Jack KNIGHTS16:45.37288.111:06.124
2480Rossi BROWN16:55.52987.231:06.666
2599James CLEARY16:57.78187.031:06.587
2651Holly HARRIS17:09.02886.081:07.670
2741Scarlett ROBINSON17:23.47684.891:08.344
289Will GRANT17:24.79384.781:08.386


174Finn SMART-WEEDEN16:22.25390.181:04.576
23Lewis JONES16:22.31790.171:04.936
37Jack KIRSCH16:22.33690.171:04.619
460Lennon DOCHERTY16:22.43990.161:04.650
527Calum BEACH16:22.86990.121:04.943
690Kalvin KELLY16:22.98690.111:04.828
767Jacob STEPHENSON16:23.01090.111:04.691
844Jack SMITH16:23.33090.081:04.813
933Adam BROWN16:27.92989.661:04.970
1071Maximus HARDY16:35.80688.951:05.536
1131Nathan-Ellis WARD16:35.87888.951:05.451
1215Chloe JONES16:35.96588.941:05.719
1323Joe ELLIS16:36.06588.931:05.766
1466Rossi DOBSON16:36.31288.911:05.305
1516Jamie HANKS-ELLIOTT16:36.36388.91:05.428
1672Samuel MUNSON16:36.48588.891:05.200
1788Abbz THOMAS16:36.62888.881:05.330
1839Aaron MONK16:36.95488.851:05.646
1932Lewis SMART16:44.04988.221:06.208
2096Floris SCHIPPER16:44.39188.191:05.740
218Denise DAL ZOTTO16:44.63088.171:05.919
2281Keo WALKER16:46.92687.971:06.331
2399James CLEARY17:00.91786.761:07.126
2480Rossi BROWN17:01.63886.71:06.363
259Will GRANT17:10.87285.931:07.655
2675Aaron LILLY17:11.16285.91:07.816
2751Holly HARRIS17:11.29585.891:07.780
2841Scarlett ROBINSON17:11.55785.871:07.501

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