Junior Supersport Round 3 Report

The Cigma Racing team arrived in Scotland on Thursday, ready for the next round of the HEL British Junior Supersport at Knockhill.

Free practice started well on Saturday morning with Nathan-Ellis getting his lap time down to 59.110 over the course of the session. With some adjustments made to the bike, he was hoping to improve even more in the qualifying session.

But after an early improvement to 58.597, on Lap 5, the rear tyre lost grip swung round and snapped the bike into a highside. Nathan-Ellis went flying down the track and came down hard, landing on his leg.

Fortunately, there didn’t seem to be any major damage done to Nathan-Ellis or the bike! Huge thanks to the marshalls and medical team for Looking after Nathan-Ellis after a nasty-looking incident. A big thanks also to LS2 and RST for the helmet and leathers that made sure it wasn’t worse, and R&G for looking after the bike!

Nathan_ellis still wanted to race though, and lined up later on Saturday for race 5 of the championship. Unfortunately, due to an incident at Donington, Nathan had to start from the back of the grid, but was feeling confident.

The start wasn’t as good as hoped, but he still managed to pick up 7 places in the first 4 laps. The racing got a bit tighter after that with the battles going right through to the end. Nathan-Ellis managed to make it as high as 24th place, from a 31st place start, despite pain and bruising from the qualifying crash.

Flat Out Motorsport Photography

Sunday started with an early trip to the med bay for some top-notch physio, and a thorough taping up around the knee and foot. Free practice followed that, with some changes to the suspension and gearing of the bike. Despite a wobble on lap 1, the practice session went well, leaving the team confident of an improvement in Race 6.

Nathan-Ellis got a good start from 28th on the grid, getting up to 24th by the end of lap 1 and starting on a steady climb up the order.

Until lap 6, when a racing incident meant that the Cigma Racing bike got its front wheel stuck in another rider’s back wheel on turn 1. That bought Nathan-Ellis’ race to an abrupt end, and adding a sore knee and shoulder to the weekend tally. Thankfully though, no broken bones!

Flat Out Motorsport Photography

Nathan-Ellis said, “over all, it hasn’t been the best weekend. But I’m looking forward to the World Superbikes in 3 weeks time at Donnington, moving onwards and upwards. Going home now slightly battered and bruised, but I can hold my head up high as I improved my lap times each time out and had a personal best time on the track of 58.4. Thank you for everyone on the team and the huge support you all gave me this weekend.”

As always, a huge thanks to the marshalls, medics and the rest of the huge team, that work so hard to make motorcycle racing as safe as it can be.

We hope to see you at the next round, which takes place alongside the World Superbikes championship at Donington Park, Friday 30th of June through to Sunday 2nd of July.

British Junior Supersport Championship Standings after Round 3

1Finn SMART-WEEDEN (Kawasaki)121
2Jack KIRSCH (Kawasaki)116
3Lewis JONES (Kawasaki)112
4Lennon DOCHERTY (Kawasaki)100
5Jacob STEPHENSON (Kawasaki)86
6Kalvin KELLY (Kawasaki)82
7Lewis SMART (Kawasaki)52
8Joe ELLIS (Kawasaki)51
9Calum BEACH (Kawasaki)48
10Chloe JONES (Kawasaki)46
11Maximus HARDY (Kawasaki)33
12Jack SMITH (Kawasaki)30
13Adam BROWN (Kawasaki)30
14Ted WILKINSON (Kawasaki)18
15Nathan-Ellis WARD (Kawasaki)17
16Keo WALKER (Kawasaki)11
17Jamie HANKS-ELLIOTT (Kawasaki)11
18Rossi DOBSON (Kawasaki)10
19Abbz THOMAS (Kawasaki)7
20Denise DAL ZOTTO (Kawasaki)5
21Charlotte MARCUZZO (Kawasaki)3
22Brandon RUSSELL (Kawasaki)3
23Jack KNIGHTS (Kawasaki)2
24Greg MARSHALL (Kawasaki)2


160Lennon DOCHERTY15:17.79279.5156.615
267Jacob STEPHENSON15:17.79979.5156.670
37Jack KIRSCH15:17.96879.4956.602
474Finn SMART-WEEDEN15:18.16279.4856.827
53Lewis JONES15:20.06879.3156.687
623Joe ELLIS15:20.19279.3056.651
722Ted WILKINSON15:20.38779.2956.545
832Lewis SMART15:21.62479.1856.808
981Keo WALKER15:22.21179.1356.906
1071Maximus HARDY15:23.05979.0656.953
1115Chloe JONES15:24.38878.9456.572
1227Calum BEACH15:29.53178.5157.486
1369Brandon RUSSELL15:29.73978.4957.242
1466Rossi DOBSON15:35.25978.0257.860
1516Jamie HANKS-ELLIOTT15:35.53478.0057.737
1644Jack SMITH15:36.01577.9657.728
1733Adam BROWN15:39.03577.7157.689
1895Greg MARSHALL15:48.11576.9758.213
196Jack KNIGHTS15:51.07876.7358.395
2052Katie HAND15:51.14376.7258.669
218Denise DAL ZOTTO15:51.55976.6958.478
2217Charlotte MARCUZZO15:51.82276.6758.606
2388Abbz THOMAS15:54.03776.4958.441
2431Nathan-Ellis WARD16:03.31975.7559.038
2561Freddy OAKLEY16:04.97475.6258.815
2672Samuel MUNSON16:05.12375.6158.785
2787Felix DORLING16:05.33675.5958.909
289Will GRANT16:12.12975.0759.922
2951Holly HARRIS15:21.46474.241:00.046
3041Scarlett ROBINSON15:22.56674.151:00.303


160Lennon DOCHERTY15:17.79279.5156.615
274Finn SMART-WEEDEN15:17.79979.5156.670
37Jack KIRSCH15:17.96879.4956.602
490Kalvin KELLY15:18.16279.4856.827
532Lewis SMART15:20.06879.3156.687
623Joe ELLIS15:20.19279.3056.651
771Maximus HARDY15:20.38779.2956.545
815Chloe JONES15:21.62479.1856.808
927Calum BEACH15:22.21179.1356.906
1022Ted WILKINSON15:23.05979.0656.953
1167Jacob STEPHENSON15:24.38878.9456.572
1233Adam BROWN15:29.53178.5157.486
1381Keo WALKER15:29.73978.4957.242
143Lewis JONES15:35.25978.0257.860
1595Greg MARSHALL15:35.53478.0057.737
1644Jack SMITH15:36.01577.9657.728
1788Abbz THOMAS15:39.03577.7157.689
1817Charlotte MARCUZZO15:48.11576.9758.213
1916Jamie HANKS-ELLIOTT15:51.07876.7358.395
2066Rossi DOBSON15:51.14376.7258.669
2187Felix DORLING15:51.55976.6958.478
2252Katie HAND15:51.82276.6758.606
2372Samuel MUNSON15:54.03776.4958.441
248Denise DAL ZOTTO16:03.31975.7559.038
2569Brandon RUSSELL16:04.97475.6258.815
269Will GRANT16:05.12375.6158.785
2796Floris SCHIPPER16:05.33675.5958.909
2851Holly HARRIS16:12.12975.0759.922
2975Aaron LILLY15:21.46474.241:00.046
3041Scarlett ROBINSON15:22.56674.151:00.303
DNF31Nathan-Ellis WARD5:58.55076.3258.426

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