Cigma Racing Clubman 1000 – Round 3

Lee Healey and Alex Penrice - Cigma Racing Clubman 1000 - Snetterton - May 2023

Round 3 of the Cigma Racing Clubman Cup was at Snetterton Circuit in Norfolk last weekend.

Qualifying was held under cloudy skies early on Saturday. Lee Healey set the pace on his Wilvin UK Ltd / Uniq3 Projects GSXR 1000R, with Clayton Grover in second place for the class.

The weather did not hold out for the rest of the day with Race 1 taking place on a thoroughly wet track. The conditions were very tricky. Out of 27 starters across the MRO Powerbikes and the Cigma Racing Clubman Cup, only 19 made it to the end of lap 1.

Alex Penrice on the AP Motorcycles Yamaha R1 made an incredible start, putting himself into the lead of the Clubman Cup by the end of lap 1. However, he couldn’t keep that position until the end of the race. Clayton made steady progress, grabbing first place on lap 4.

Out of 14 riders starting the Clubman Cup, there were only 6 finishers, with the top 3 as Clayton Grover, Alex Penrice and Lee Healey.

Daniel Farley, Roberto Di Gregorio, Stewart Latimer & Remi Matuzas in the wet - Cigma Racing Clubman 1000 - Snetterton - May 2023
©2023 Chequered Flag Images

Race 2 on Sunday was run under much better conditions, with only two riders failing to make it to the final lap.

Thanks to his win in race 1, Clayton was first in the class off the line and he kept that position for the whole race. Alex Penrice and Lee Healey both held their positions as well, finishing in the order they started.

Further down the field, the riders were battling hard. Remi Matuzas, Simon Gates and Daniel Farley having a tight battle throughout the race with positions being traded among them. They finished the race in 4th, 5th and 6th respectively.

The third and final race of the weekend was again dry. Clayton took his pole position and once again turned it into first place. Lee Healey managed to pass Alex Penrice to take the second step on the podium.

This time, the mid-field battle was tightest between Simon Gates, Remi Matuzas and Sigitas Cerniauskas, with them ending the race in 4th, 5th and 6th places.

Stewart Latimer in a busy race - Cigma Racing Clubman 1000 - Snetterton - May 2023
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The racing is definitely hotting up as the weather improves! The top of the table is starting to look like Clayton Grover has it under control from Lee Healey. But there is plenty more racing to come and the fight for third couldn’t be much closer.

The Cigma Racing Clubman 1000 Cup is off to the National circuit at Donington Park on the 3rd and 4th of June for the next round. We hope that the racing is just as good, and the weather is even better than this time out.

Check our events page for all the details.

A huge thanks to the British Motorcycle Racing Club and all the marshalls, without who there would be no racing at all.

Cigma Racing Clubman 1000 Standings after Round 3

1Clayton GROVER220
2Lee HEALEY156
3Daniel FARLEY88
5Chris TAYLOR80
7Simon GATES54
9Roberto Di GREGORIO42
10Martyn DELLOW38
11Remi MATUZAS34
12Connor SWYER22
13Cecil DINSMORE16
14Paul HARRIS11
16Stewart LATIMER9
17Paul FAGG9

Race 1 Results

PositionNoRiderTimeMPHBest Lap
137Clayton GROVER19:56.66271.452:24.531
230Alex PENRICE20:17.17070.242:29.516
3224Lee HEALEY21:11.39067.252:33.531
434Ben CHEESEMAN19:06.02065.282:32.765
5281Daniel FARLEY19:19.04664.552:39.547
64Remi MATUZAS19:20.53364.462:40.143

Race 2 Results

PositionNoRiderTimeMPHBest Lap
137Clayton GROVER14:25.06886.482:01.847
230Alex PENRICE14:34.13685.582:02.284
3224Lee HEALEY14:42.01484.822:04.294
44Remi MATUZAS15:04.63982.72:05.497
546Simon GATES15:11.85482.042:07.273
6281Daniel FARLEY15:14.52381.82:08.469
734Ben CHEESEMAN15:28.24180.62:07.776
8184Martyn DELLOW15:32.50080.232:10.926
9261Roberto DI GREGORIO15:41.65079.452:10.374
10274Stewart LATIMER16:03.57177.642:15.176
11888Paul FAGG13:51.57677.112:15.695
1256Paul HARRIS13:52.11077.062:14.809

Race 3 Results

PositionNoRiderTimeMPHBest Lap
137Clayton GROVER14:20.78786.912:00.891
2224Lee HEALEY14:47.23484.322:04.317
330Alex PENRICE14:47.90584.262:04.507
446Simon GATES14:51.63683.92:05.116
54Remi MATUZAS15:00.97983.032:05.048
618Sigitas CERNIAUSKAS15:08.74682.322:05.387
7281Daniel FARLEY15:12.54181.982:07.850
834Ben CHEESEMAN15:16.17581.662:07.605
956Paul HARRIS15:20.68781.262:03.968
10261Roberto DI GREGORIO15:39.51779.632:10.810
11184Martyn DELLOW15:48.31078.892:10.802
12888Paul FAGG13:47.79777.462:14.839
13274Stewart LATIMER13:51.33777.132:15.770

Thanks to Chequered Flag Images for photography from the event.

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