Cigma Racing Clubman 1000 – Round 4

Getting Ready for the Race - Cigma Racign Clubman 1000 at Donington Park

Donington Park National Circuit was the host for round 4 of the Cigma Racing Clubman 1000 cup. It was a bright and sunny weekend with none of the rain that showed up last time out!

Qualifying got underway early on Saturday with Lee Healey setting the early pace. But, as the session drew to a close, Thomas Bensted on the ‘Significant Debt’ Yamaha R1 took pole with a 1:12.520. The current championship leader, Clayton Grover came in second only 0.3 secs down on his time, with Lee Healey taking third place.

The bikes lined up for the start of Race 1 just after lunch. Thomas got a good start and held the lead through lap 1. Behind him things were a little tighter with Clayton Grover, Scott Forbes-Cowdry, Lee Healey and Harry Hinchcliffe all trading places over the course of the race.

By the chequered flag, Thomas Bensted had held on to first in class, followed by Scott Forbes-Cowdry on the Lincolnshire Landscaping Services Kawasaki ZX10R, and Clayton Grover on the Grover Stunts R1.

Rafal Kisyk - Cigma Racing Clubman 100 at Donington Park - Jun 2023
©2023 Chequered Flag Images

On Sunday morning the field took to the track for Race 2 of the weekend. Thomas was in class pole for this race with Rafal Kisyk on his GSXR 100 just behind him after putting in a fast finish to race 1.

Thomas Bensted again took the lead straight from the line. Behind him, Clayton Grover had made a good start and was soon battling with Rafal Kisyk and Harry Hinchcliff for the remaining podium positions.

Across the line for the final time, Bensted took the win, with Kisyk second and Clayton again taking home third place.

Race 3 started later that afternoon. Again, Thomas was in class pole, but this time with Clayton in second spot and Rafal third.

Clayton Grover got a great start to the race, jumping ahead of Thomas Bensted by the end of lap 1. Kisyk and Hinchcliff were battling hard behind them. On lap 3 Bensted found a way past Grover, but not for long, with Clayton regaining the class lead two laps later.

Harry Hinchcliff’s race came to an early end on lap 10 with just 2 more to run. Lee Healey had a better end to his race, cutting through the field from 7th at the start to grab the final podium position thanks to a DNF from Rafal Kisyk before the end of the race.

The final result was Clayton Grover, Thomas Benstead and Lee Healey in third.

Clayton Grover - Cigma Racing Clubman 1000 at Donington Park
©2023 Chequered Flag Images

Tight between bensted and grover throughout the race. Kisyk finished third, just ahead of healey who pushed through further back.

In the chamionship, Clayton Grover extends his lead from Lee healey, with Chris Taylor and Alex Penrice very close together for 3rd place.

Once again we would like to thank the BMCRC for organising the event, and all the marshalls who work so hard to make it safe for everyone that takes part.

The next race will be at Cadwell park on the 1st and 2nd of July. Come along and show your support.

Cigma Racing Clubman 1000 Standings after Round 4

PositionRiderAnthony HUNTER
1Clayton GROVER277
2Lee HEALEY192
3Chris TAYLOR111
4Alex PENRICE108
5Daniel FARLEY95
7Simon GATES70
8Thomas BENSTED70
10Remi MATUZAS56
11Roberto Di GREGORIO49
13Martyn DELLOW38
14Rafal KISYK31
16Cecil DINSMORE23
17Connor SWYER22
18Anthont HUNTER13
19Paul HARRIS11
21Stewart LATIMER9
22Paul FAGG9
23Jamie THOMAS8
24Stephen HARVEY2
25Riccardo BIGUZZI1

Race 1 Results

PositionNoRiderTimeMPHBest Lap
177Thomas BENSTED8:31.77897.181:11.827
257Scott FORBES-COWDRY8:36.90696.211:12.651
337Clayton GROVER8:38.92195.841:12.913
423Harry HINCHCLIFFE8:39.01795.821:12.855
5223Rafal KISYK8:40.23395.61:12.276
6224Lee HEALEY8:40.46195.561:13.167
791Chris TAYLOR8:42.16395.241:12.615
878Jamie THOMAS8:48.57394.091:13.973
9129Cecil DINSMORE8:55.18592.931:14.931
104Remi MATUZAS8:55.40692.891:14.667
1130Alex PENRICE8:56.30292.731:15.138
12460Simon GATES9:00.37292.041:15.723
1334Ben CHEESEMAN9:06.47591.011:15.007
14281Daniel FARLEY9:14.02089.771:17.113
15163Riccardo BIGUZZI9:19.95188.821:17.643
16261Roberto DI GREGORIO9:21.51888.571:18.196
17888Paul FAGG9:31.37587.041:18.338
1866Stephen HARVEY9:37.08086.181:19.766

Race 2 Results

PositionNoRiderTimeMPHBest Lap
177Thomas BENSTED17:03.25497.341:11.758
2223Rafal KISYK17:03.93797.271:11.824
337Clayton GROVER17:05.19697.161:11.809
423Harry HINCHCLIFFE17:09.48196.751:12.257
557Scott FORBES-COWDRY17:10.09296.691:12.190
6224Lee HEALEY17:10.65896.641:12.401
791Chris TAYLOR17:22.30795.561:12.367
830Alex PENRICE17:30.03394.861:13.795
94Remi MATUZAS17:32.57494.631:13.724
10100Anthony HUNTER17:47.11393.341:13.419
11460Simon GATES16:51.75091.41:16.515
1234Ben CHEESEMAN16:52.56491.331:16.343
13261Roberto DI GREGORIO17:34.77387.681:19.145

Race 3 Results

PositionNoRiderTimeMPHBest Lap
137Clayton GROVER14:37.04297.321:11.811
277Thomas BENSTED14:43.11196.651:11.624
3224Lee HEALEY14:45.48196.391:12.375
491Chris TAYLOR14:47.14996.211:12.397
557Scott FORBES-COWDRY14:47.79896.141:12.642
630Alex PENRICE14:53.74295.51:13.177
74Remi MATUZAS15:12.47493.541:14.765
8460Simon GATES15:12.59193.531:14.767
9100Anthony HUNTER15:12.72093.521:14.322
1034Ben CHEESEMAN15:22.91192.481:15.076
11281Daniel FARLEY14:49.52487.951:18.928
12261Roberto DI GREGORIO14:56.22887.291:18.585
1366Stephen HARVEY15:15.00885.51:21.343

Thanks to Chequered Flag Images for photography from the event.

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