Rikki Getting Ready for 2023

Trudie ready to head off for a refresh

Rikki McGovern is preparing for a busy 2023 at the track and away from it too.

First of all, huge congratulations to Rikki and his wife Sarah, who are expecting a baby daughter in April.

Having a new baby is obviously a pretty busy time for all involved, so that does mean that Rik’s season will be a bit less full than usual.

We are hoping that there will be enough time free to compete in 3 short circuit meetings. Exactly which three circuits, and even whether they will be in the UK or France, is still undecided right now.

Rik will also be returning to the Manx GP in August, hoping to improve on last year’s excellent showing.

The cut-down season means that now isn’t the right time for a new bike, so Trudie lives to fight on another year.

Obviously, she needs a bit of TLC after a long season in 2022. She has now been sent off to Dart Motorsport in East Sussex for some expert preparation for the new year. We are waiting to hear exactly what will need to be done, but she should be in fine form by the time she gets to the track.

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