View from Pit Lane – Edition 46

Trudy ready for battle

Manx GP Preparation – 20 August – 20:45

Winner-winner, chicken dinner tonight. With some kind of roast tatty! 

Turned out to be quite a busy and long day. With briefings, signing-on and clothing inspection for all of Rik’s race gear, all of our firesuits and stuff for the pit stop and refuelling during practice.

First up was clothing inspection which produced our first surprise of the meeting when Rik’s leathers, gloves and helmet were all rejected. New stricter regulations, enforced by The Insurers, requires every item of clothing to have some kind of label with a code. Ours have no label and the helmet is so new it’s not on the FIMs crack test approved list for this year. Oh dear!!!!!! 

What have I said in a previous edition about this place?  ‘Always expect the unexpected!’ 

All was not lost as the matter was ‘passed upstairs’ to The Clerk of the Course for a final decision. This could be expensive and not a good start, it was a slightly worrying hour.

Rik went to see him and was asked what make of leathers, gloves and helmet he had.

‘Dannisport leathers and an HJC helmet,’ was Rik’s response.

‘Ok, they’re all fine, I’ll send down an email of confirmation now.’

And he did, and all turned out fine. When Rik returned we breathed a sigh of relief.

Rik then had his signing-on and briefing, so the net result of all this was a very late breakfast of our usual full English. Immediately followed by a very sociable hour or so with friends of mine who live on The Island. I’ve known them for many years. They’ve all supported me when I raced here, seen Rik grow and develop as a person and rider and continue to offer their help if we need it.

Thank you, Kim and John, and Claire and Phil…

It was then Matt and I who were required to attend a technical briefing. It was short and sweet with just a few minor changes and nothing that affects us, so all was good. The day was fast disappearing and we still had Trudie to finish off.

On the way back from the briefing Matt and I were discussing the position of our rain light, which although it’s ok for short circuits, could possibly fall foul of the stricter IoM regulations. Rather than chance it, we decided to move it into a more prominent position in the seat unit above the exhaust. First though, I had to finish the graphics.

Final prep in progress

Once that was done, Rik set to work on the light, whilst Matt went through and checked everything I had done with the bike build. Rik did a splendid job, 10 out of 10, go to the top of the class. They then did all the lock wiring including the exhaust springs, which are a real pain, I can tell you. 

Newly positioned rain light

Sarah kept me company while I cooked dinner and I can say that the effort of getting here hit quite hard this evening. So we all had an early-ish night.

First practice tomorrow afternoon. Eeeek!!!!!

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