View from Pit Lane – Edition 5

Navarra pit setup

The Journey…

We left a little late, due to an administrative problem, so big thanks to Craig for sorting it out. We also have a travelling and racing companion this weekend, a French racer we met in the Isle of Man a few years ago who goes by the name of Lance. Very useful to both Rik and I as he knows the ropes, as it were, and he’ll be the fuel guy for Rik’s pit stop in the hour race on Sunday.

Sat nav says it’s a 5 and a half hour journey, in a car, but the truck, who knows? She’s happy at about 90kph but has touched 110 on occasion although that’s a little scary, to say the least. So off we set about 11.30 after filling up with diesel and hit the Spanish border at about 5.30. As there’s no real border you only know you’re in a new country when the road signs change, so after a brief chorus of Viva España, by way of celebration, we then wondered when we would be stopped to show our PCR test results. We assumed at the next toll. Nope, nothing.

So this part of the journey took us through the Pyrenees and although still on the motorway was still up and down with long gradients. The old truck was not happy with this scenario and could only manage 40kph with the long climbs, almost overheating a couple of times but she got us here in the end.

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