View from Pit Lane – Edition 4

We managed to sneak a last minute test/track day in today and at times wishes we hadn’t. The weather was wide and varied,  to say the least, making conditions unfavourable for some fast chicanery and were extremely testing, excuse the pun,at times. Time on the bike is invaluable and Rik was awesome.

He gave it 100% all credit to him for his total commitment to the cause, he was easily one of the fastest out there today. Think he’s  coming to terms with the Triumph now. All in all it was well worth the wind battering and drenching we all got .It’s all hands to the pumps now as the first meeting, racing for real that is, is in three weeks time 12/13 June at Navarra , in Spain, with a test day on the  11th, which is nice.

Now, there’s been some development since my last scribbling.

WERC and LMNA have, for a one time deal, amalgamated for that weekend and we’re entered in both championships but the schedule has not been kind to us requiring back to back races of 25 mins and an hour respectively. We have just enough time for fuel and a tyre change, luckily had a good deal of wheel change practice today.

I’ve managed to locate and buy an exhaust system. So this week we’ll be popping in the new engine , leaving enough time to play with the electrics. Hopeful that engine, exhaust and electrics will all get on and not require setting up on a dyno. Stranger things have happened. 

t’s  all been a long time coming, I  feel Rik  is ready for some proper competition and I know he’s eager to get out there and have a real play

Stay tuned folks …

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