View from Pit Lane – Edition 42

Preparing for the Manx GP

Manx GP Preparation – 30 July

Since our race meeting at Carole, the bike prep for The Manx has had to take a backseat to Rik and Sarah’s wedding. Leaving me only enough time to do some admin and ordering.

I did manage to squeeze in some fairing painting though, and this last week Matt came over to swap the tuned engine for our standard Manx motor. I wasn’t much help as I had picked up a chest infection.

Newly painted fairing for the Manx GP

Today, feeling much improved I set to work and had a very good day, fitting the engine parts, cleaning as I go, with just the slipper clutch to fit tomorrow (Sunday) and I should be able to start her up to make sure all’s well. Then my plan is to strip and prepare the rolling chassis, fitting all the new goodies as I go. All very exciting. 

With the clutch fitted, oil and water filled to the required levels, I switched on and pressed the starter. She turned over nicely but didn’t fire up. Twice more I tried with no luck. All the electrical connections looked good. Puzzling…

After a think and cup of tea, I wondered if not having the quick-shifter fitted was the problem. So after putting that on and connecting it up I tried again, and she started first time. Deep joy.

During the course of the following 2 hours I gave her two more heat cycles and everything was as it should be, I was happy. As already stated the next process is to finish the painting and do the chassis next weekend.

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