View from Pit Lane – Edition 17

Circuit de Carole - 9/10/11 July

Le Vigeant – 26/27/28/29 August – Part 1

This is one of the meetings we’ve all been looking forward to the most, giving our friends the ideal opportunity to come along, support Rik and see what it’s all about. ????

Since Pau, Matt and I have put some hours in on Trudie to finally get to the bottom of the problems. Not only physically, but mentally she’s been a constant companion. Due to the parcel mix up, as already reported, we were forced to fit the standard ignition from the spare engine together with a standard regulator that came in the spares box when we bought the bike. Also, we have a new cheap Chinese regulator as backup, only to be used in an emergency. We also did a complete wiring refurb on the loom, which over the years of use and previous owners had become rather untidy, to say the least, and Trudie was ready in plenty of time.

I fired her up on the Sunday afternoon prior to leaving for Le Vigeant on Wednesday. She purred and better still she was charging on tick over. Matt went to work with the multimeter testing the whole system which gave a positive charge throughout, unlike at Pau where nothing was charging. Everything was solid, fully functioning and working happily as it should. As a test, to make sure there was not a constant power drain from the battery, we left it all connected and off of the optimate battery charger. I checked the battery voltage over the next few days to find no loss of power. Excellent. We were good to go. ????

The race meeting at Le Vigeant included a track day on Thursday, giving us 5 extra sessions of valuable track time, but that obviously meant we had to leave earlier in the week. Fortunately, the track is only 25kms from home through twisty country lanes so the journey still took the best part of an hour. The close proximity to home also meant Sarah could come and go as she pleased and still go to work, keeping her boss happy.

Pulling up at the circuit by 7 pm we were set up by 9 and I was busy cooking supper for the gang, comprising of cheeseburgers and a simple salad. I think we had a beer each, as a special little treat. ????

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