View from Pit Lane – Edition 16

Missing parcel

News Update 24th August 2021

The fickle finger of fate moves in mysterious and wondrous ways. Last week I was expecting the delivery, from UPS, of our tweaked ignition. Instead, I received an email from BDK Race Engineering informing me that the Royal Mail guy had picked up our parcel, by accident or stupidity or overworked and underpaid. Whatever the reason, he took it when he shouldn’t have and it took a day for this to be noticed.

I did reply, which I won’t go into, but it was polite and calm. I gave it a day then called BDK on Friday and was told that “on the rare occasions this happens, Royal Mail attempt to deliver.”  Not much help to us though, as our parcel should’ve been 48 hour with the correct customs documentation. I’m sure the Royal Mail would/will not give it the same urgency. I think it could be missing for a while… Things will be chased up in due course.

We’ve put in many hours since Pau, on the wiring loom, sensors, relays and anything electrical. The parcel predicament has forced the fitting of a complete standard Triumph ignition system. I did the finishing touches last night and am pleased to report that, so far, so good.

The bike is charging, not only on tick over but up to 8500 revs and the battery has not lost any power overnight although not checked this evening. Out of a sticky situation, things look promising. We’ll know by 10 am Thursday morning, once we’ve had the first test session at Le Vigeant.

Tomorrow it’s an early start for our PCR tests then check over the Truck, buy some fuel and food, load up and drive the 20kms to the circuit for four days there. Two days testing and the weekend racing. ???? 

Quick Update – 25th August 2021

I had humble pie for lunch just now. Pleased to report that our ignition has just been delivered, so we’ll try it on Friday!

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